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Please note the Styrofoam drop site will be CLOSED the day after Christmas, we will be open again on Tuesday Jan 2.

We are now accepting #5 plastics for recycling at our Styrofoam Site!

Image states that the MESG Styrofoam Recycling Site has its drop off location at Milwaukie Floral & Garden at 3306 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie, OR Tuesdays ONLY from 9am to 5pm and is sponsored by Bigfoot Northwest, Milwaukie Floral and Garden, the Oregon Raindrop Fund and Bob's Red Mill.

Please read below to see what we can and cannot accept!

We accept:


  • Block Foam​

  • Thin Foam (meat trays, cups, food containers - clean & washed)

  • Foam packing peanuts *IN AN ENCLOSED BAG*

  • #5 Medicine bottles, any color - please remove lids & label

Image shows pictures of different kinds of styrofoam and says that if you cannot squish it with your fingers or it looks like packing foam food trays, drinking cups etc  we CAN reycycle it. Polystyrene foam is inflexible and will break when bent. It shows pictures of other rollable and squishable types of  foam and says if you can squish it with your fingers we can NOT accept it.
Screenshot 2023-02-10 18.26.55.png
Screenshot 2023-02-10 18.27.22.png

Get involved today!

Milwaukie Environmental Stewards Group (MESG) is a non-profit 501-c3 that is committed to informing & educating Milwaukie residents & local leaders about how everyday people can lessen our negative impact on the environment. 

shows two women in jackets behind a sign saying styrofoam recycling here

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